1981-82 A Vast Wasteland

Since 1972, fans had been treated to ice hockey at Ramapo College. Through the glory days of the two championship teams in 1974-75 and 1975-76, to the lean years of the ECAC, thousands of fans had followed and reveled in Roadrunner ice hockey. But the once respected Ramapo red and gold uniforms no longer appeared in rinks because the administration had eliminated funding for the Varsity program. However, even from the day that the administration officially announced the cancellation of the program, Head Coach Art Chill started the wheels in motion to resurrect the team. Even though the Athletic Department would not fund a Varsity program, he explored avenues to create a club-funded program, returning the team to its status of the first four seasons. Because the equipment and uniforms were still available from the now defunct Varsity, funding was needed only for ice rental, league fees, and insurance.

On May 14, 1982, the College Sports Council Financial Board allocated $8,680 to resurrect the ice hockey program, a decision that was harshly criticized by the Athletic Department. Because the Sports Council funding was insufficient to cover operating costs, each player had to contribute $275. In spite of political opposition and financial obstacles, the Ramapo College Club Ice Hockey Program rejoined the MCHC for the 1982-83 season.