About the Ramapo College Ice Hockey Club

RCNJ Ice Hockey“Hockey’s a funny game. You have to prove yourself every shift, every game. It’s not up to any-body else. You have to take pride in yourself.”

-Paul Coffey, NHL Hall of Fame Inductee


The club provides student athletes the opportunity to continue playing competitive hockey while receiving a quality education at an acclaimed institution. We promote through competition and preparing for competition, a high standard of personal dedication, capable leadership, and strong team spirit. We will aim not only to win, but to win with pride—pride in our skills, our effort, our sportsmanship, and our integrity. At the end of every shift, every game, every season, we will take pride in ourselves. Constitution and By-Laws.


Our program is founded on the philosophy to build a strong, respected team that will attract quality student athletes, and to ensure that motivation, integrity, commitment, and teamwork are, as they have always been, at the heart of Ramapo Ice Hockey’s competitive philosophy. As we begin our fifth season, we will continue our proud tradition of athletic and academic excellence, sportsmanship, and team and school spirit.


The Roadrunners completed a highly successful 2018-19 season with a 17-8-1-1 record. The team was ranked third in the ACHA Atlantic Region and qualified for the Playoffs. After winning both games of the single-game elimination round, the Roadrunners advanced to Nationals in Dallas, Texas. The team did not reach the finals but made a strong showing. This amazing feat was accomplished in only the program’s fourth season of operation. Ramapo College will be joining the newly formed Collegiate Hockey Federation (CHF) for the 2019-20 season. With loss of only one player to graduation and strong recruitment, the team is set-up to take it all the way.


Although the self-sustaining intercollegiate ice hockey club was established in 2015, it carries on a proud tradition of ice hockey at Ramapo College. The original program started in the fall of 1972; only one year after Ramapo College opened its doors. The ice hockey team posted the first winning season of any sport at the college, with a 9-7-1 record in its inaugural season of 1972-73. In the 1974-75 season, ice hockey gave Ramapo College its first championship and repeated in 1975-76 with a 29-1-3 record. In 1976-77, the team transitioned to varsity status and for the next four seasons played an ambitious ECAC Division III schedule. The team had its ups and downs and in 1981, the program was suspended due to budgetary constraints. Although resurrected for the 1982-83 season and making the playoffs for the local Metropolitan Collegiate Hockey Conference (MCHC), the program lost its funding after 1983-84 season and Ramapo no longer had an ice hockey team.

In just 11 seasons, the original team left a significant legacy for Ramapo athletics. The final record for the initial program in 277 games played is 147-113-17; one divisional championship, three-second place divisional finishes and two league championship titles. In addition, 10 players, two coaches, and two championship teams have been voted into the Ramapo College Athletic Hall of Fame.